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Karlise Y. Grier, Building Community By Enhancing Professionalism (October 2019)
Karlise Y. Grier, Honoring Georgia’s Lawyer’s (June 2019)
Leslie E. Stewart, Convocation on Professionalism and the Global Community (February 2019)
Maria Mackay,  The Real Man Behind the Robe  (October 2018)
Karlise Y. Grier and Nneka Harris-Daniel, Justice Robert Benham Awards for Community Service (April 2018)

For more information on the 19th Annual Justice Robert Benham Awards, which were held on February 27, 2018, click here.

Prof. Nicole G. Iannarone and Robert Arrington, Professionalism Committee Celebrates 25th Year of Law School Professionalism Orientations (October 2017)