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At least 30 days before the date upon which you expect to advertise as approved or to present a Professionalism CLE course, email the following:

  1. The appropriate CLE application form. You may find the CLE application forms at the link here:
  1. The CLE course schedule or agenda;
  1. The Professionalism Speaker’s presentation (Power Point, Google Slides, or other presentation applications), to include references to A Lawyer’s Creed and the Aspirational Statement on Professionalism found here:
  1. The written materials that will be provided to the CLE participants; and
  1. A BRIEF (2 or 3 sentences) explanation regarding how you intend to fulfill one of the primary objectives of the professionalism CLE, which is to create a forum in which lawyers, judges, and legal educators can explore and reflect upon the meaning and goals of professionalism in contemporary legal practice. See Rules and Regulations of the State Bar of Georgia Rule 8-104 (B) and Regulation 4 thereunder. In your explanation, please identify the learning objectives you wish to accomplish as a result of the CLE from the list below:
  • Knowledge;
  • Motivation; or
  • implementation

to: and

To learn more about Professionalism CLE Guidelines see:

If you are applying for general CLE credits in addition to the Professionalism credit, please follow the instructions at the link here:

If you have questions, please call us at (404)-225-5040.