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Below is a collection of videos maintained by the Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism for use by CLE providers.

A valuable training technique, especially when interaction with the audience is a goal, is to use role-plays to dramatize a particular issue or concern. The Commission currently has three videotapes that were developed specifically to demonstrate through role plays various professionalism dilemmas.

  1. “A Day in the Life of a Family Law Practitioner”This series of vignettes takes a family law practitioner through her day, which includes a meeting with a client, a telephone call from an opposing counsel, a deposition, a mediation conference, and an after-work drink. Along the way, the lawyer encounters problems in professionalism.These problems raise issues about:(1) what it means to be “competent;”
    (2) where a lawyer draws the line between the interests of others and the interests of her client;
    (3) what the lawyer’s role is when a client attempts to lie during a deposition;
    (4) how the lawyer should deal with incivility of opposing counsel; and
    (5) how the lawyer balances the running of a practice and pro bono service.The vignettes are designed to be useful in a variety of formats with varying time constraints. The scenes can be used in their entirety, alone, or in any combination.
To see an introduction to A Day in the Life of a Family Law Practitioner click on the image above.

For more information about using A Day in the Life of a Family Law Practitioner for your professionalism CLE, please call (404) 225-5040.